hasn't the establishment failed us?

Q: Hasn’t the establishment failed us?

A: No. President Obama inherited a financial disaster. And despite an obstructionist Republican Congress, look at where we are now:

  • In 2009, unemployment reached a high of 10%; today it is 5%.
  • We’ve had 73 months of private sector job growth, the longest period on record.
  • The Dow Jones Industrial Average was below 7,000 points in 2009, today it is over 18,000.
  • And contrary to what many people think, our federal deficit has declined by roughly three-quarters.

Q: How has the current administration helped regular Americans?

A: The Obama administration fought for legislation to create jobs, close the gender pay gap, help people with “underwater” mortgages keep their houses, and provide access to health coverage for millions of Americans.

Q: Is there more to do?

A: Of course there is! Hillary will continue to move our country forward, and fight for even more programs to help Americans who are struggling. Check out the detailed plans on her website.