she isn't trustworthy.

Q: Doesn’t she lie all of the time?

A: No. Hillary is actually one of the most truthful candidates to run in the past three Presidential elections! Here are the facts:

Q: How does Politifact measure truthfulness?

A: Politifact measures truthfulness on a six-point scale, from “True - The statement is accurate and there’s nothing significant missing” down to “Pants On Fire - The statement is not accurate and makes a ridiculous claim.” Here is how Hillary matches up with some other prominent politicians:

  • Hillary Clinton - True: 22.90%; Mostly True: 27.86%; Half True: 22.13%; Mostly False: 14.50%; False: 10.31%; Pants On Fire: 2.29%. Hillary Clinton’s overall truthfulness is 72.89%.
  • Bernie Sanders - True: 13.21%; Mostly True: 38.68%; Half True: 19.81%; Mostly False: 16.98%; False: 11.32%; Pants On Fire: 0%. Bernie Sander’s overall truthfulness is 71.70%.
  • President Barack Obama - True: 20.57%; Mostly True: 27.49%; Half True: 26.81%; Mostly False: 11.64%; False: 11.97%; Pants On Fire: 1.52%. President Obama’s overall truthfulness is 74.90%.
  • Mike Pence - True: 15.4%; Mostly True: 7.7%; Half True: 34.6%; Mostly False: 15.38; False: 26.9%; Pants On Fire: 0%. Mike Pence’s overall truthfulness is only 57.70%.
  • Donald Trump - True: 4.38%; Mostly True: 11.31%; Half True: 14.23%; Mostly False: 17.52%; False: 35.04%; Pants On Fire: 17.52%. Donald Trump’s overall truthfulness is only 29.92%.

Q: If she’s not a liar, where does this perception come from?

A: Aside from the almost three decades of conspiracy theories aimed at destroying her reputation, there may be a psychological component to this perception. Studies have shown that women are expected to be more honest than men. According to Julie Dolan, professor of political science at Macalester College, and the lead author of Women in Politics: Paths to Power and Political Influence:

Because the generic female candidate is presumed more honest than the generic male candidate, voters judge a female candidate more harshly if she appears to violate the expectation of honesty.

Q: But what about her e-mail server and the 33,000 emails she deleted?

A: We actually have an article addressing Hillary’s private server. In short, Hillary did not break the law, and many of the widely circulated concerns have been addressed by the FBI.